Bridgette has been a wonderful listing agent for us. She has carefully explained each step
of the process. She has been very helpful in advising us on our options, responsibilities and
the best way to sell our home. She is well versed in the current market and able to leverage
her knowledge to optimize your selling experience. In addition, Bridgette has been an invaluable
contracting coordinator helping us as we prepared the home for sale. She lined up the right
people for the jobs and kept them in line and we received a great result!

Thanks Bridgette!

Kevin & Barbara Goodman


Morton Avenue, Santa Clara


We have known Bridgette since the summer of 2009. She was recommended to us by a close friend. We started working with Bridgette on our home search in Fall 2009, but then for family reasons had to put our plans on hold for two and a half years. We re-commenced our search in Fall 2012, again of course with Bridgette as our realtor. After putting in a few bids in this extremely competitive market, we finally found our home in January 2013 in Redwood Shores.

Our home buying experience is probably one of the most colorful ones -  we got into a few fierce bidding wars, we got into one contract but later changed our mind and passed, we got into one contract where the deal fell apart because the buyer stopped responding for unknown reasons, we made an offer into a legally complex short sales situation where the seller eventually reneged on the listing, and so on. Amidst all this, Bridgette stuck with us and patiently worked with us throughout the process. She not only worked extremely hard for us but her positive attitude, her patience in dealing with our expectations and constraints, and her professionalism never changed. We are extremely impressed with her responsiveness over the phone and email, her top notch team, and her ability to deal with tricky situations. In addition, during our recent purchase, we ran into a number of complexities around the financing, and it was only due to her network of mortgage brokers and advisers that we were able to navigate through the process on time. 


We consider ourselves very fortunate to have known and worked with Bridgette. She has gone out of her way to make our dream home happen for us! We highly recommend Bridgette without any reservations, and are happy to chat over the phone to provide additional perspective as required!  


Ajit and Rutuja



Thank you for your incredible hard work to get us the property. We all appreciate it greatly. I don't have much experience with realtors, but I do have lot of experience with a lot of professionals in service firms and your service has been top-of-the-line.


Raghu and Lata Raghuram

Cupertino, CA








Thank again for bringing both properties to closure, if we haven't said it often enough, here's one more time - you did a great job!


Shekar and Mythili Ayyar

Saratoga, Ca


To whomsoever it may concern,
It gives us great pleasure to endorse and recommend Bridgette.  We first met Bridgette in summer 2008 when we attended an open house she was hosting.  By then, we had already been searching for our perfect home for over 3 months.  Prior to our meeting, we had visited numerous open houses and interacted with quite a few selling and listing agents.  Though most of the interactions were polite, we did run into insouciant agents occasionally.  We brushed off such bad encounters by telling ourselves that our focus was really on buying our first home.

It was not until we met Bridgette that we realized the difference an agent can make in any transaction.  We had visited the house with our agent once before and had researched the property and community.  It was clear that Bridgette had put in a lot of effort to stage the house in a way that accentuated its unique features.  She was very cordial and answered all our questions.  Our first meeting lasted nearly 30 minutes, a huge increase from the average time spent with other listing agents.  Though we like to think that we bid and eventually bought the property on its own merit, it is quite possible that we'd have moved to other properties but for the bond that we built with Bridgette during our first meeting.  Clearly, the right agents can work wonders.

As you might have inferred by now, our relationship did not quite end after we bought the home.  Bridgette was a great resource and would check in frequently to enquire about how things were progressing.  We took her up on her offer to get her trusted contractors to fix things up.  Once we settled in, we also started recommending Bridgette to our friends.  In fact, one of our closest friends has also been working with Bridgette and is about to close on his home.  It is easy to conclude by noting that all agents are expected to do all these things given the nature of their business.  However, that would neither highlight Bridgette's thoroughly professional conduct nor her personal warmth, a combination which makes her really great agent - someone who redefines the best imaginable service an agent provides.  We whole-heartedly recommend Bridgette and wish her good luck.



Aparna and Rajesh Rajamani




To Whom It May Concern,

Buying a house can be a daunting and downright stressful experience if one does not have the right real estate agent. We were extremely lucky that we got referred to Bridgette by a family member and we had a fantastic experience working with her.  Bridgette is prompt, detail-oriented, conscientious, organized, trust worthy and very knowledgeable about the real estate market/trends in the bay area.  Further, Bridgette has an excellent network of contacts, ranging from contractors, staging, home inspectors, interior designers, and direct lenders etc.  With Bridgette’s step by step guidance we first sold our townhouse and subsequently purchased another house more catered toward our growing family needs.  In both instances, Bridgette’s expertise, prompt support, attention to detail and experience was invaluable.  We are very thankful and greatly appreciative of the un-parallel support and assistance we got from Bridgette during this entire process.              

We would, without hesitation, definitely recommend Bridgette to anyone with real estate needs.




Ammar & Roobar Khan

Sunnyvale, CA




We would like to take a moment to thank our agent, Bridgette, for all her assistance and hard work on the sale of our home in Cupertino and the purchase of our new home in Saratoga. All in less than two months, still to our pleasant suprise! We were considering buying a house but didn't think we would find one so quickly. Bridgette kept us informed of all the homes that came to market, spent time with us discussing advantages and disadvantages of each home, and finally arranging the tours of the homes that were interest to us. As any busy Silicon Valley family, with both of us working and having young kids, finding time to tour a lot of homes could be quite difficult. However, thanks to our agent, their screening of the homes for us made a big difference in refining our search. Once we found the house we wanted, our agent worked around the clock to prepare for the offer presentation which ended up being the winning offer out of five others. While she started handling all the transactions for the purchase of our new home, she got to work immediately to prepare our old home for sale. Again, she made it quite easy for us by handling everything, from staging of the home to preparation of all the documents to marketing. The open house is still talked about in our old neighborhood as it probably attracted several hundred potential buyers and agents. This successful marketing in such a short period of time was quite impressive. Three days after the Open House we were  already in contract with a buyer and the tranaction was closed in 3 weeks following that.

Buying and selling a home is a major undertake and as such a stressful process. Thanks to our agent's relentless efforts and great attention to "our" needs as well as knowledge and professionalism in handling complex transactions, we had a wonderful experience. We highly recommend her for any of home buyers and sellers.


Best Regards,


Serpil Bayraktar




To Whom It May Concern


Re:Bridgettte Akunal, Residential  Real Estate Brokerage Services


This is to inform you that my wife and I engaged the services of Bridgette  to advise us on two residential transactions which closed earlier this year. We are both very impressed with Bridgette. She is personable, and also exhibits strong integrity and high work ethic with excellent followthrough. We would whole heartedly recommend her as real estate broker to any of our friends or acquaitances.




Raj Krishnan

Chief Financial Officer

Agiliance Inc.



Bridgette Akunal – Our Realtor Since 2004.


Bridgette helped us in a total of 2 buy and 1 sale transactions in the last 6 years. When we were looking for our first house, she was extremely patient and accommodating as we familiarized ourselves with the process, got outbid a few times until we found the one, which progressed on time, under budget and without any issues. She’s very well established in the Bay Area, fully aware of the historical progression of pockets of neighborhoods and provides great guidance on the risks, family scenarios, resale / improvement opportunities. On the sale transaction, through her unending connections from contractors to designers, stagers to professional photographers, we were able to get multiple offers above the listing price for the house she helped us buy in a single open-house day. This is in part thanks to her excellent timing of the listing against market conditions. Preparation of the house for sale was very smooth and incredibly on-time despite the number of minor repairs we have had to do. As home owner, we followed her guidance to the letter – these involved last minute improvements, scheduling, price range recommendations and other inspection actions. She provided in-depth education on assessing potential buyers in a multiple offers scenario – which was very useful. It was then no surprise to us that purchasing our new house in Menlo Park was as smooth as the first one. We highly recommend Bridgette.


Baris and Gul Eris

Lantana Dr., Sunnyvale




Dear Bridgette


Manjiri and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and complete satisfaction with your services. Your professionalism, through planning and perfect execution were the most pivotal factors in helping us purchase a new home and sell our current home in record time. We were able to achieve both these transactions within a matter of 6-8 weeks! This is phenomenal by any standards! You were extremely easy to work with and most importantly "Always Accessible"!  There are many peripheral services that one needs apart from your core "Real Estate" knowledge during such transactions. You were amazingly resourceful with your industry contacts for all such services. Usually, Agent-Client relationships are very temporary, however we believe that our association and friendship will survive a lot longer. Please feel free to contact us any time you need our reference. We will provide it with a smiling face just like you did while providing us this excellent service! 




Manjiri & Vivek Sathe






Working with Bridgette to buy our first Home, was a wonderful experience. She is very professional, transparent and truthful. She is very understanding of our family needs and were not hesitant to express her sincere opinion. Being a first time home buyers, we were nervous. But, this young lady walked us through every step of the way and was very patient, understanding and helpful. From our family, we wish her great success in the future.”




Vasu & Swarna


To whom it may concern,



It has been an amazing experience to work with Intero's Bridgette Akunal. As a realtor, she listened to our needs, identified the right property for us, negotiated the best possible deal, provided an informed presentation to us about the property and about us to the seller, presented a well written offer and provided thorough follow up. She managed all transactions in a timely manner, was creative in her approach to our loan, hands on and diligent. Last but not the least, Bridgette has provided an ongoing help even after the property closed! If you are looking for a great team that surpass all in quality and service, look no further than Bridgette.


We would like to thank her very much for all the support and hard work.


Best Regards,


Sara Suppiah and Shiva Ramani  





To whom it may concern:
It was a great pleasure working with Bridgette in December of 2012 while selling my home in Santa Clara. As a first-time home seller, I was not well versed in the process. I was extremely impressed by Bridgette’s breadth of knowledge and expertise, having sold many homes in my neighborhood. During our very first meeting itself, Bridgette took the time and effort to outline the entire process. When I mentioned to her that I was looking for a contractor and landscaper to perform some work, she promptly sent me contacts the very next day, even before I had committed to using her as my agent. Once I had decided to move ahead with the process, Bridgette provided me with a detailed timeline to ensure that the process moved according to schedule as we were working on a tight timeline. She would provide me periodic updates and reminders, ensuring that the process kept moving. She also made a series of recommendations on what needed to be addressed in order to prepare the property for sale, but would always leave it to my final decision. I was never pressured into doing things her way. She also had trustworthy contacts for the various inspections which enabled me to address and fix minor issues prior to sale.
Once the property was ready to go on the market, Bridgette researched the competition and made strategic recommendations on our marketing angle. After being placed on the market, she kept very close watch on progress and provided me with almost daily updates. By this time, I had relocated across state and was concerned there may be bumps along the way. Bridgette’s operational practices very quickly alleviated all my concerns as she orchestrated a process updating and engaging me in every single decision as though I was right there in town. That was a clear testament to her way of doing business. I could not have asked for a better experience or agent. The process of shortlisting and selecting a buyer was managed extremely well with Bridgette presenting the pros and cons of each offer, discussing and guiding me in the selection and counter-offer process. Once a buyer was chosen, Bridgette continued to be engaged in the process with the same rigor and enthusiasm that she had previously shown and continued to manage the process with minimal effort required on my part.
All in all, my experience throughout the entire process was excellent. I could not have done it without an agent of Bridgette’s caliber. In addition to the knowledge, experience, and professionalism, Bridgette was also extremely friendly, personable, and a wonderful individual to work with. If ever I return to the bay area I will most certainly use her as my agent in purchasing my next home.
Charit Pethiyagoda

Foley Ave. Santa Clara 



I can go on for ever writing nice things, yet it will never be
enough to thank you for all the help.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank
Bridgette for her help in finding us our
first home. In my experience she is one of the
smartest and knowledgeable real estate agents you will
ever find in the bay area. Starting from the day one,
and till the close of escrow, everything went pretty
smooth due mainly to her perseverance and
professionalism. Apart from finding us a great place
to live, she was also helpful finding us the loan
agent, inspector, handyman etc.. and have been a good
friend always willing to provide ongoing help.


Thank you and all the best.


Prabhu and Paramita



This is to express our great satisfaction with the services offered by Bridgette Akunal & Sevgi Torunoglu in two real-estate transactions we were fortunate to have them help us with. They helped us sell our old house and buy a new house. They seemed to have understood our tastes and our needs as pertaining to the new house in a very short time and found us a home that exactly satisfied our tastes and needs. They proved even more adept at assessing the market in the locality of our old house, help us arrive the right price, prepare the house for showing and advertise the house. All of this translated into a mere six days to sell the house.

Apart from this transactions, they have been very resourceful in giving us names of loan agents, inspectors, appraisers and handymen whose service were needed at the short notice, to be able to complete the steps in buying and selling the properties.

We will be happy to recommend Bridgette and Sevgi to anyone who is interested in a real estate transaction.




Sharat & Nutan Prasad




Bridgette & Sevgi:


Thank you for your professionalism, market expertise, and commitment to finding a property that caters to both our wants and needs.


We appreciate how both of you were able to quickly understand our requirements by only directing our attention to properties that met our criteria. We valued your opinions when you provided honest pros and cons for each prospective property. From the start, we felt that you had our interests in mind as our business advisors throughout the whole process.  We never felt rushed to make a decision nor did you make us feel guilty that we changed our minds at the 11th hour not to submit a bid for a property. We were glad that we had real estate agents that understand and respect that large investments take time and careful thought.


Since we’re first-time home buyers, we are grateful to have learned so much about the house hunting and closing escrow process from both of you. We appreciate your patience, explaining and answering our many questions throughout the entire process. Also, thanks for taking our calls during non business hours and arranging meetings that fit our schedules to ensure that we address urgent matters on a timely basis.


We are delighted to have the house we call home, and we couldn't have done it without you two.


Many thanks,


Kevin and Monique